Facing Reality: Two Truths About Race In America – A Book Review


By Neland Nobel

There is likely no other intellectual today willing to write on the controversies in social science concerning human achievement with the courage and wisdom of Charles Murray.

Universities used to be the place where anything could be discussed and reasonable people could work out their disagreements with each other.

But the universities are now failed institutions and have become a crude  echo chamber for left wing views. They in fact became the conduit to inject discord into the greater society.

And outside of the university, the freedom to express controversial ideas has narrowed in the public square. Media monopolies routinely utilize shaming, book banning, boycotting and ‘canceling’ against those they disagree with. On the ground there is harassment and even physical assaults on those that disagree with the leftist narrative. Murray himself has been a victim of this. Hence, we regard him as courageous.

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