Libertarian Senate Candidate Drops From Race, Endorses GOP Candidate Blake Masters

Libertarian Senate Candidate Drops From Race, Endorses GOP Candidate Blake Masters

By Corinne Murdock |

With one week left to go before the election, the Senate race between Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly and Republican challenger Blake Masters tightened up even more.

On Tuesday, Libertarian candidate Marc Victor dropped out of the race and endorsed Masters after speaking with the GOP candidate about his platform. Victor said that his main purpose in running was to ensure the protection of freedom and endorse his global peace advocacy organization, Live and Let Live. 

Victor declared that Masters, not Kelly, aligned with his vision for improving America. 

“I think we need to unite the reasonable people of the world,” said Victor. “Given where we are right now and given our options right now, Blake Masters is the best choice for United States Senate.”

Registered libertarians account for less than one percent of all voters (32,148) while independents account for nearly 34 percent of all voters (over 1.4 million). Together, that’s several hundred less than total registered Republicans (over 1.43 million) and nearly 166,000 more than registered Democrats (over 1.27 million). 

Victors’ withdrawal and endorsement comes nearly a month into voting. Early voting began nearly three weeks ago, on October 12. 

According to the latest poll released Tuesday, Kelly and Masters are neck and neck at 47 percent. The average of all previous polling reflects Kelly leading Masters by three points. 

While Masters’ latest campaign boost came from a now-former opponent, Kelly showcased a campaign boost from the original Luke Skywalker: famed Star Wars actor Mark Hamill.

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