Arizona’s Two Abortion Fund Providers Continue While Courts Work Out State Ban

Arizona’s Two Abortion Fund Providers Continue While Courts Work Out State Ban

By Corinne Murdock |

Following the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) rejection of a constitutional right to abortion, two Arizona organizations still advertise abortion funding. They’re the Abortion Fund of Arizona (AFAZ) and the Tucson Abortion Support Collective (TASC).

AZ Free News reached out to AFAZ and TASC for comment. AFAZ confirmed that they’ve continued providing abortion funding, but TASC never responded with comment. 

AFAZ serves all of Arizona, offering funding on a first-come, first-serve basis according to their monthly budget, averaging 40-50 callers a month. In order to qualify, pregnant women seeking abortions must have an appointment scheduled at an abortion clinic. Pregnancies over 16 weeks gestation are prioritized. AFAZ also offers resources for other logistics: meals, gas, Rhogam vaccine, and childcare funding, as well as transportation and lodging arrangements.

In 2020, AFAZ pledged over $100,000 to women seeking abortions, and in 2021 they pledged over $80,000. 

AFAZ launched in 2017 through Pro-Choice Arizona. Pro-Choice Arizona and AFAZ once operated under the NARAL Pro-Choice America network, but achieved independence in 2019. Pro-Choice Arizona is also a member of the Arizona Reproductive Justice Coalition.

Current members of the Arizona Reproductive Justice Coalition include Organized Poder, Parteras De Maiz, and Trans Queer Pueblo. Black Lives Matter (BLM) Phoenix-Metro was one of their past members.

TASC serves Southern Arizona. In addition to assisting with abortion funding, TASC offers logistical resources such as transportation, legal aid, “abortion doula services,” and walkthroughs of Arizona’s abortion law.

On their website, TASC warns pregnant women against crisis pregnancy centers. TASC claimed that these centers are “designed to intentionally mislead women” with “medically inaccurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, and abortion” and “lies, manipulation, and threatening or intimidating language.” As proof of their claims, TASC links to NARAL Pro-Choice America’s article, “The Truth About Crisis Pregnancy Centers.”

TASC then lists the crisis pregnancy centers in the Tucson area.

Playwright and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, announced earlier this month that TASC was one of the abortion services receiving funds from his “Hamilton”-affiliated campaign to support abortions, “Hamilton 4 Choice.”

The announcement came about a week before Miranda served a cease-and-desist to a McAllen, Texas church for putting on a Christianized version of “Hamilton,” edited to discuss Biblical values. 

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