Private All-Boys Arizona Catholic School Segregated Students Based on Race

Private All-Boys Arizona Catholic School Segregated Students Based on Race

By Corinne Murdock |

Brophy College Preparatory (Brophy), a private all-boys Catholic school in Arizona, admitted in an email to segregating students based on race. In lieu of attending a class period, students of color were given the exclusive opportunity to gather together for a “healing” discussion on race. The email cited a previous email from a “Mr. Fisko” that discussed this race-based segregation.

“[S]tudents who identify as persons of color may choose to attend an affinity space – with other students of color – for their workshop day reflection instead of joining their regular 5th period class,” read the email. “What is an affinity space? Affinity spaces offer a useful, practical space for communities of color to lead their own conversations on race in their own terms. Doing so allows for healing and understanding to take place in a contextual and relevant way. Conversations in affinity spaces can help students of color develop the consciousness and tools to have more meaningful and constructive conversations on race in non-affinity spaces in the future.”

The “Mr. Fisko” cited in the email may refer to the religious studies faculty member, Paul Fisko. He once served as the assistant principal for ministry.

Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters revealed this information after it was shared with him by concerned parents. Masters also reported receiving pictures of controversial political posters inside one civics classroom. Several of the posters read “Protect Trans Youth,” “Stay Woke,” and “Sanctuary Cities Now.”

Brophy is one of the more expensive private schools in the nation. The national average for private school tuition hovers around $11,600; Arizona’s average cost for private high schools sits at just over $15,500. Brophy’s tuition reached nearly $17,000 this year.

While segregation is optional for Brophy students, certain COVID-19 measures aren’t. On top of requiring masks, the private school recently issued a version of a vaccine mandate that mirrored President Joe Biden’s – if students and faculty don’t get the vaccine, then they are required to undergo frequent testing and are limited from participating in certain school functions.

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