New Funding Needed For I-10 Widening After Feds Deny Grant Application

New Funding Needed For I-10 Widening After Feds Deny Grant Application

By Terri Jo Neff |

The day before five people died Thursday in a horrific vehicle fire on Interstate 10 near Riggs Road, Arizona officials learned that the U.S. Department of Transportation denied a request for $360 million to widen another dangerous stretch of the interstate through Pinal County.   

Last year the Arizona Legislature approved $400 million for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) as part of a project to widen 26 miles of the interstate to three lanes in each direction from Casa Grande and Chandler.

The three-year project, which will include a new bridge over the Gila River, was funded enough with the allocation and other state money to complete about 20 miles.

Meanwhile, ADOT applied for $360 million through the National Infrastructure Project Assistance grant program. Those funds would have ensured the widening work and other safety improvements extended farther south into Pinal County, an area which has experienced a high rate of residential and commercial growth in recent years.

Arizona Sen. T.J. Shope (R-Coolidge) and Rep. Teresa Martinez (R-Casa Grande) were disappointed to learn the grant application was denied. Both say they intend to introduce new legislation to use state funds to cover the $360 million so the full project can be completed.

The lawmakers are also encouraging ADOT to seek other funding options which could lower the amount of the second allocation.

One of the biggest advocates for the interstate improvement project is Casa Grande Mayor Craig McFarland, who believes construction must begin sooner than later.

“We can’t wait for us to get all the money and begin the process,” McFardland said, adding he is looking forward to feedback on why ADOT’s grant application was rejected.

Various guesses have been put forth by some parties for rejection of the application, which had the support of U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly. Some are pointing to the fact Arizona was seeking nearly one-third of all the funding available nationwide in the current award round.

Others suggest the Biden administration is prioritizing more “green” transportation projects. More information is expected to be released soon, including possible tips on what ADOT can do differently if it reapplies for the next funding cycle.

Kelly issued a statement affirming his support for the I-10 improvements.

“Arizonans rely on the I-10 to connect them to jobs, educational opportunities and their families, which is why improving and expanding this highway is still a top priority for me,” the statement reads.

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New Funding Needed For I-10 Widening After Feds Deny Grant Application

I-10 To Be Widened Using $400 Million In State General Funds

By Corinne Murdock

On Monday, the Arizona House approved the Senate bill appropriating $400 million to widen the I-10 highway between Chandler and Casa Grande.

SB1239 enables the funds to not only be used for construction, but for obtaining federal funds to match the state funds. 

The Biden administration has already allocated funds to the I-10 under the president’s infrastructure initiative. 

The I-10 is the fourth-largest national highway in the country, connecting the southernmost states from coast to coast. 

State Senator T.J. Shope (R-Coolidge) sponsored the bill. 

The House and Senate passed it almost unanimously. Only State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R-Scottsdale) and State Representative Jacqueline Parker (R-Mesa) voted against it.

Ugenti-Rita insisted that the funding wasn’t a wise move fiscally. 

Both Democrats and Republicans hailed the bill as an advance in critical Arizona infrastructure, alleviating traffic burdens.

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