Infrastructure-Related Companies, Groups Were Majority Donors For Gilbert Transportation Bond

Infrastructure-Related Companies, Groups Were Majority Donors For Gilbert Transportation Bond

By Corinne Murdock |

The vast majority of financial backers behind Yes for Safe and Efficient Gilbert Roads – a ballot measure expenditure campaign committee in support of the town’s $515 million transportation bond, which voters approved last week – are all who stand to benefit: builders, architects, general contractors, traffic data analysts, to name a few. Per the committee’s campaign finance reports, those financial backers accounted for $43,100 of the $54,850 they received since their inception.

The following is a breakdown of all those likely to benefit from passage of the transportation bond, and the donation amount associated with them:

  • Arizona Chapter of Associated General Contractors of America: $15,000
  • Haydon Building Corporation: $10,100
  • Matthew Carpenter, COO and Senior Vice President: $10,000
  • Grant Larson, PreConstruction Director: $100
  • Willmeng Construction: $5,000
  • Cactus Asphalt (a division of Cactus Transport Holdings): $5,000
  • Josh Swartzendruber, Accounting Director
  • Dibble Engineering: $2,000
  • Kevin Roberts, President and Civil Engineer
  • Kimley-Horn (engineering): $1,700
  • Chris Woolery, Project Manager: $500
  • David Leistiko, Senior Vice President and Senior Project Manager: $500
  • David Rutkowski, Project Manager: $500
  • Brent Mutti, Regional Project Manager: $200
  • Michael Grandy, Professional Engineer: $50
  • Deanna Haase, Project Manager: $50
  • Wilson & Company, Engineers & Architects: $1,000
  • Rebecca Timmer, Business Development Manager
  • Withey Morris PLC (a prominent land use law firm): $1,000
  • Adam Baugh, zoning attorney and owner
  • All TrafficData Services: $1,000
  • Eric Boivin, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Clark Transportation Solutions: $500
  • Scott Clark, President
  • Kittelson & Associates: $450
  • Jim Schoen, Senior Principal Engineer: $250
  • David Mills, Operations Leader: $200
  • HDA Architects: $250
  • Bruce Scott, Principal Architect
  • SUNDT: $100
  • Jeff Hamilton, Project Director and Preconstruction Services

Some of the names leading the charge on in-state donors included the town’s present and former leadership: Vice Mayor Lee-Yung Koprowski gave $500, as did former mayor Jenn Daniels. Although the former mayor doesn’t own or work within an infrastructure-related company, her lobbying firm could stand to benefit as AZ Free News reported. Daniels also pushed her endorsement for the bond initiative through a text alert to Gilbert voters.

Councilwoman Kathy Tilque and Koprowski both serve as committee chairs, though the original filing for their committee didn’t name Koprowski as the chair. The committee formed in June of this year.

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