Arizona Democratic Party Chair Steps Down

Arizona Democratic Party Chair Steps Down

By Corinne Murdock |

On Tuesday, State Sen. Raquel Terán (LD-26) stepped down as the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP) chair. 

Terán shared that her new appointment as State Senate Minority Leader, as well as her ongoing legislative duties, moved her to not seek re-election.

“Right now, I feel my skills are most useful in the Senate to help get things done for Arizonans. We have incredible opportunities with a Democratic Governor and our mighty 14 Democrats, however we are faced with my challenges with the GOP majorities,” stated Terán. “While I wish I could do both, it would not be fair to the people of Arizona to serve as Chair if I could not give the role my undivided attention.”

ADP Vice Chair Yolanda Bejarano announced interest in taking over Terán’s role. 

“With Republicans doubling down on their dangerous agenda that has all but ended the right to an abortion, defunded our public schools, villainized immigrants instead of working to fix the system, and denied our fair and free elections, our work has never been more important,” stated Bejarano. 

However, according to the Arizona Agenda, Governor-elect Katie Hobbs’ team indicated that they had a different candidate in mind. Their group reportedly met for lunch on Wednesday to discuss their preferred candidate.

Terán assumed the chairmanship early last year. In September, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors selected Terán to take over the senate seat vacated by alleged child sex abuser Tony Navarrete. 

In an interview with Arizona PBS on Tuesday, Terán dedicated the ADP’s key wins this year to organization and greater engagement with voters. Specifically, Terán cited their progressive infrastructure in the state.

“There is a progressive infrastructure—there is a grassroots movement,” stated Terán. “This is not a fluke. This is not luck. This is the fact that we are able to build strong coalitions.”

Terán aligns with most mainstream Democratic Party beliefs: universal health care, abortion rights, tuition-free college, climate change policies modeled after the Green New Deal, permanent early voting, same-day voter registration, legalized ballot harvesting, pathways to citizenship for illegal immigrants, stricter gun control, Critical Race Theory (CRT), banning discrimination based on religious beliefs, gender transition procedures for minors, stripping hospital and nursing home visitation rights during pandemics, and COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Earlier this year, Terán backed a dark-money fueled ballot initiative to roll back voter ID, allow same-day voter registration, allow outside money in election offices, and thwart challenges to future ballot initiatives and election results. The court system invalidated that initiative.

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