ASU American Government Class Teaches Voter ID is Voter Suppression

ASU American Government Class Teaches Voter ID is Voter Suppression

By Corinne Murdock |

An Arizona State University (ASU) American government class taught that requiring an ID to vote was a voter suppression tactic. The professor drew this conclusion in a lecture slide titled, “Gates to African American Suffrage.” The professor also claimed that current methods of voter suppression included getting rid of the state’s Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL), restricting PEVL access, getting rid of mail-in voting, and closed primaries. 

The Twitter account @libsoftiktok first reported on the lecture.

According to the ASU course catalog, there are two different ASU “government” classes: POS 110, American Government & Politics, and POS 310, American National Government. Five different professors teach the first class: Gina Woodall, David Wells, George Watson, Scott Spehr, and Keith Hollinger. The latter class has three different professors: Watson, Mark Simpson, and Jesse Chanley.

House and Senate Republicans this session have focused on strengthening voter ID as part of their election integrity bills. 

One bill that passed the Arizona legislature and was received by the secretary of state earlier this month for final approval by the governor, HCR2025/SCR1012, the “Arizonans for Voter ID Act,” will require voters to sign an affidavit with their ballot, including their birth date and any of the following early voter ID proofs: driver’s license number, nonoperating Id number, last four digits of Social Security number, or unique identifying number.

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