Ducey Announces Employment Funding To Help With Small Business Recovery

Ducey Announces Employment Funding To Help With Small Business Recovery

By Terri Jo Neff |

A new state program announced last week by Gov. Doug Ducey will provide up to $10,000 to assist small businesses impacted by Mother Nature and her aftermath, as well as those still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ducey’s Aug. 20 announcement of his Back to Work Small Business Rehiring and Retention Program came the same day he toured flood-ravaged Gila Bend. But while the program is being heavily touted in areas hard hit by flooding and wildfires, the funds are also available to thousands of other Arizona small businesses.

And by small, the governor means between 5 and 50 employees for businesses impacted by flooding or wildfires, and between 5 and 25 for all others. In addition, the business must be owned and operated in Arizona, have an incorporation date before Jan. 1, 2020, and rent or lease a physical location in Arizona.

“We want to make sure they have the resources needed to grow and serve their customers, and our new Small Business Rehiring and Retention Program will do just that,” Ducey said of the funding for employee hiring / signing bonuses, relocation bonuses for employees moving to take an open position, and employee retention bonuses.

One of those small business owners is Lilly Hritz, proprietor of Lilly’s Tombstone Memories located on historic Allen Street in Tombstone.  Hritz’s business was hit hard by the pandemic, which essentially wiped out nine months of tourism in 2020 and continued to keep many customers away during the traditionally busy first quarter of this year.

That drop off in revenues and available work hours has made it difficult to find and keep quality workers, Hritz told AZ Free News.

“I am excited to about Governor Ducey’s new program. It will make it easier for me to retain the staff I have and help me attract new employees as we prepare for the upcoming tourist season,” said Hritz. “And that will give me the peace of mind to refocus on our expansion plans which had to be put on hold when COVID hit.”

Ducey’s new program has also received bipartisan support among lawmakers, including praise from Rep. Jeff Weninger (R-LD17) and Rep. Aaron Lieberman (D-LD28).

“Effectively hiring and maintaining employees is crucial for the success of any business, but especially the smaller businesses,” said Weninger, himself a small business owner in Maricopa County. “This new program will help them continue to bounce back from the pandemic and extreme weather, and they’ll have the opportunity to expand operations.”

Lieberman is also a business owner, and said he was happy to work with Ducey’s office on the development of the program.

“Small businesses create jobs, support communities and serve Arizonans’ needs,” said Lieberman. “I’m thrilled to see the launch of the Small Business Rehiring and Retention Program and look forward to all it will do to foster small business growth and help Arizona workers.”

The Small Business Rehiring and Retention Program is a new component of Governor Ducey’s Arizona “Back to Work” plan announced in May.  Information about the program is available at https://www.azcommerce.com/covid-19/financial-resources/back-to-work-small-business-hiring-and-retention-program/

Arizona Sports Betting Bill Moves Forward In The House

Arizona Sports Betting Bill Moves Forward In The House

The Arizona State Commerce Committee has passed Rep. Jeff Weninger’s HB2772, which will make sports betting legal in Arizona on a 9-1 vote. The bill was supported by Gov. Doug Ducey, numerous sports teams and Native American tribes.

Sen. TJ Shope is running a mirror of the bill in the Senate.

The bills would allow pro sports teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks and tribes that already run casinos to have sports betting operations, according to an Associated Press report.

The bills would legalize fantasy sport betting from online operators, and it would allow new betting at horse racing tracks and groups like the VFW, which would be able to sell Keno tickets.

Ducey’s General Counsel Anni Foster testified in front of the Committee as to the status of current discussions with the tribes and asserted that the state already “has an agreement in principle” with them. That agreement is critical for the bill to take effect this year due to the fact that the Gaming Compact between the State and tribal governments essentially controls gaming in Arizona.

All federally recognized tribes in Arizona have a Gaming Compact with the State. The Compact with each of the 22 tribes is substantially identical.

The Compacts gave tribes exclusive rights to operate slot machines and casino style gaming, limited the number of slot machines and casinos, established comprehensive rules governing gaming, and set minimum internal control standards for casino operations.

Rep. Pam Powers Hannley was the lone “no” vote. She expressed concerns about the lack of information about what data will be gathered from the bettors using the systems.