Bill To Attract Manufacturing Investment Signed Into Law

Bill To Attract Manufacturing Investment Signed Into Law

By Daniel Stefanski |

One of Arizona’s freshmen Republican representatives is pleased after his bill survived the Governor’s Office.

On Tuesday, Representative Michael Carbone announced that HB 2809, which he sponsored had been signed into law by Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs.

According to Carbone, HB 2809 “helps communities build public improvements to attract manufacturing investment by doubling the lifetime cap of construction tax dollars that a city, town, or county can get back from the state.”

In a statement, Representative Carbone said, “Arizona is on the leading edge of advanced manufacturing – an industry that’s investing billions, and creating thousands of high-paying, skilled jobs for what I call a ‘new blue-collar workforce.’ HB 2809 makes it possible for the state to provide communities more help to build the critical business infrastructure improvements they’ll need to attract advanced manufacturing investment. Infrastructure serves as the backbone of a state, and I believe that broad based, industry neutral incentives which support public infrastructure are a proper role of government and will ensure that Arizona will continue to be a reliable partner. This was a great first bill to have signed into law, and it’s the kind of policy that I came to the legislature to advance to move Arizona forward.”

Earlier in June, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry supported the passage of this proposal through the state legislature, tweeting, “PASSED! The #AZLeg on a bipartisan vote just approved HB 2809, the business community’s priority bill of this legislative session. With this vote, Arizona is one step closer to solidifying our reputation as the No. 1 state for manufacturing growth. HB 2809 is a critical economic development tool that will improve local infrastructure & ensure AZ remains a attractive place for manufacturers to invest. We’re grateful to lawmakers – especially sponsor Michael Carbone – for supporting this bill & sending it to the governor’s desk.”

In Carbone’s release, he explained, “State law provides that a city, town or county may be paid up to 80% of the cost of public infrastructure improvements for the benefit of a manufacturing facility and that the funds distributed are from tax revenues received from persons conducting business under the Prime Contracting Classification derived from contracts to construct buildings and associated improvements for the benefit of a manufacturing facility. HB 2809 raised the total amount paid to all cities, towns and counties that can be paid by the state, from $100 million to $200 million.”

Representatives from the City of Chandler, Intel Corporation, Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Greater Phoenix Leadership,

Southern Arizona Leadership Council, and the City of Phoenix endorsed the bill throughout the legislative process.

Daniel Stefanski is a reporter for AZ Free News. You can send him news tips using this link.