Democrats Ignore Pleas Of Small Business Owners, Fail To Override Veto Of “Tamale Bill”

Democrats Ignore Pleas Of Small Business Owners, Fail To Override Veto Of “Tamale Bill”

By Daniel Stefanski |

A controversial veto from Arizona’s Democrat Governor failed to garner the necessary votes for an attempted override from the state legislature.

On Tuesday, the Arizona House voted on the question of whether to override Governor Katie Hobbs’ veto of HB 2509, which was originally sponsored by Representative Travis Grantham. The proposal dealt with the sale and preparation of cottage food – and was coined as the Tamale Bill after the increased exposure due to the governor’s action.

The veto override failed to pass by five votes with a vote of 35-23, with one member not voting (Representative Shah) and one seat vacant.

Earlier this session, HB 2509 garnered 52 votes when it first passed the Arizona House, and 26 votes in the Senate, which amended the bill and sent it back to the House. The bill then obtained final clearance from the House with 45 votes before being transmitted to the Governor’s Office.

After the vote, Senator T.J. Shope released a statement, expressing his disappointment in the inability of the House to do its part to override the veto, saying, “Sadly, the men and women making an honest living by selling homemade foods, like tamales, will continue to be criminalized for doing so because of @GovernorHobbs vetoing HB2509 and a majority of Democrats who previously voted for the bill, refusing to override her veto in the House. I’m proud of the five Democrats who joined all 30 @AZHouseGOP members in the veto override attempt. What can be said of the others who originally voted YES on the bill and then chose to be cowards in the face of pressure from the Governor? As my mom & nana would say, ¡Qué vergüenza!”

The bill’s sponsor, Grantham, told AZ Free News, “It’s sad to see Democrats pick special interests and the Governor over their constituents. The vote was 52-8 one week ago and today the veto override failed. We only needed 40 votes. I’m heartbroken for the cottage food preparers who aren’t going to be allowed to exercise their basic freedoms because of partisan politics being played by this Democrat governor and her supporters in the house.”

Both supporters and opponents of the override held dueling press conferences outside of the House chamber earlier in the day in an attempt to control the narrative over the fate of the bill. The Arizona Senate Republican Caucus tweeted, “Men and women making an honest living by selling homemade foods, like tamales, should not be criminalized for doing so. This bipartisan group of lawmakers is calling on their colleagues to override Hobbs veto of HB2509 today, which passed out of both chambers with supermajority support. Any Democrats who change their vote today are doing so to save Hobbs from embarrassment, and not because they want to do the right thing for their constituents.”

And the Arizona Senate Democrats Caucus sent out a tweet to highlight its press conference in opposition to the override: “HAPPENING NOW: Senator @ahernandezfor24 stands with Legislative Democrats to give Arizonans real solutions. “The individuals currently pushing this surface level narrative don’t care about the families making tamales or traditions that my community hold close to the heart. If they did, they would have backed policy made IN Arizona FOR Arizona.”

Daniel Stefanski is a reporter for AZ Free News. You can send him news tips using this link.