Pluto Could Become A Planet Again Thanks To Arizona

February 22, 2024

By Daniel Stefanski |

Arizona may be one step closer to having a state planet.

On Monday, the State House of Representatives passed HB 2477, which “establishes Pluto as the state planet of Arizona.”

The bill, which was sponsored by Representative Justin Wilmeth, was approved by the full House of Representatives with a 52-0 vote. Seven members did not vote, and one seat was vacant.

Earlier this session, the proposal passed the House Government Committee with a bipartisan 8-1 vote.

“This is not just about designating a state symbol; it’s about recognizing Arizona’s pivotal role in advancing astronomical knowledge,” said Representative Wilmeth. “The discovery of Pluto at the Lowell Observatory is a testament to our state’s scientific legacy, and by designating Pluto as our state planet, we honor the curiosity and dedication of those who have expanded our cosmic horizons.”

According to the Arizona House of Representatives, other official state emblems include:

  1. The Bola tie as the official state neckwear;
  2. Lemonade as the official state drink;
  3. Sonorasaurus as the official state dinosaur;
  4. Wulfenite as the state mineral; and
  5. The Arizona tree frog as the official state amphibian

HB 2477 now heads to the Arizona Senate for consideration.

Daniel Stefanski is a reporter for AZ Free News. You can send him news tips using this link.

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