IEDs Discovered On Southern Border Heighten Concerns

December 22, 2023

By Daniel Stefanski |

The crisis at America’s southern border continues to present serious national security concerns.

Last week, it was reported that ten IEDs were found along the Arizona / U.S. – Mexico border.

According to reports, the explosive devices were found on the Mexican side of the border, near Sasabe (located between Nogales and Lukeville).

Republican state legislators joined many from around the country to declare their outrage and worries over this latest revelation from the border. Senator Wendy Rogers said, “We’ve known this was coming.”

Representative John Gillette added, “We have confirmed that internal officer safety alert dated December 13th that warns CBP agents to be vigilant as (IEDs) found at the border. How long will it be until the terrorists crossing the border are wearing suicide vest? Biden admin 100% to blame.”

Ali Bradley, a National Correspondent for NewsNation, reminded her audience that this episode wasn’t the first time that an IED had been found at the border.

Yavapai County Sheriff David Rhodes, the President of the Arizona Sheriff’s Association, issued the following statement when asked by AZ Free News for comment: “We have long said that sometimes very dangerous criminals and people with intent to harm America are crossing the border daily. We need more resources from both the federal government and the state to catch these people trying to harm America. Local law enforcement encounters more violent and dangerous criminals along the border than ever before. People smuggling IEDs are doing so to attack America. The federal government needs to understand the threat and then provide the needed resources.”

The news about the IEDs came just hours before Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs issued an executive order to mobilize members of Arizona’s National Guard to a local epicenter of the crisis in Lukeville. Hobbs’ action was criticized by some Republican legislators, who questioned her motivations and timing for the decision. Representative Justin Heap stated, “Katie Hobbs has never cared about the Border. The reason Hobbs needs to appear to be taking action now (after years of opposing immigration reform & spending her first year in office dismantling state efforts to secure our own border) is the Border Crisis is such a complete disaster that her advisors have warned her that continued inaction will hurt democrats chances of winning in an election year. This isn’t security, it’s political calculation.”

Representative Jacqueline Parker also weighed in on Heap’s assertions, saying, “It’s actually worse than that – she still isn’t going to do anything to fix the problems. Nothing will really change. She’s just giving lip service to anyone stupid enough to believe her & finding ways to waste the money we’ve allocated to secure the border.”

The governor’s order proves that she understands the significance of this crisis – especially as the state approaches a critical election year for both parties. However, Republicans and Democrats entering their second year of a divided government will likely be at odds when it comes to possible solutions to help Arizona stem the historic tide of illegal immigration.

Daniel Stefanski is a reporter for AZ Free News. You can send him news tips using this link.

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