Vice President Harris To Mobilize NAU College Students To Vote Blue

September 28, 2023

By Corinne Murdock |

Vice President Kamala Harris plans to visit Northern Arizona University (NAU) next month as part of a tour to sell college students on key Democratic causes and increase young voter turnout.

Harris will encourage support for abortion rights, gun control, climate change reforms, progressive voting policies, and LGBTQ+ acceptance. The vice president alluded to the critical role of young voters in the upcoming presidential election.

“This generation is critical to the urgent issues that are at stake right now for our future,” said Harris. “It is young leaders throughout America who know what the solutions look like and are organizing in their communities to make them a reality. My message to students is clear: We are counting on you, we need you, you are everything.”

In Harris’ most recent appearance at Reading Area Community College in Pennsylvania last week, the vice president said that those who disagree with the progressive Democratic views on abortion, guns, climate change, voting, and sexuality are “extremists.”

Harris told the students that abortion was a constitutional right opposed by “extremists,” and that the Supreme Court had taken it away from them. The Constitution doesn’t enumerate abortion among individual rights; it doesn’t mention abortion at all.

“You all […] in your lifetime, witnessed the highest court in our land take a constitutional right that had been recognized from the people of America, from the women of America,” said Harris. “You all — your generation will have mothers and grandmothers that had more rights than you will have.”

Harris said that Biden would sign any bill passed by Congress codifying a right to abortion. Until then, Harris recommended the college students to mimic Mexicans, who “took to the streets” to codify abortion.

As for gun control, Harris advocated for an assault weapons ban, more extensive background checks, and nationwide red flag laws. The vice president characterized opponents to these reforms as “extremists.” 

Also last week, President Joe Biden created the first-ever Office of Gun Violence Prevention. Biden placed Harris as the head of the effort. It appears that Harris may be more active in this role in contrast with her other role as the lead on mitigating the border crisis.

On voting policies, Harris took a shot at Georgia’s Christian leaders for their “hypocrisy” in banning the distribution of food and water to voters in line. Harris promulgated a debunked characterization of the law that Georgia made voting more difficult by criminalizing gifts of food and water. The Georgia law prohibits political entities seeking to influence voters from handing out refreshments. 

“What happened to ‘love thy neighbor?’ The hypocrisy abounds,” said Harris. 

Harris lamented the fact that not all states allow voters to use their student ID to vote. She promoted the practice of automatic voter registration. 

Harris also painted opponents to diversity, equity, and inclusion as “extremists.”

“[D]espite what these extremist, so-called leaders are trying to do when they’re trying to get rid of DEI — diversity, equity and inclusion — we know that we’re going to stay committed to issues like equity,” said Harris. “Yeah, we want everyone to have an equal amount, but not everyone starts out on the same base. And so, if you give everyone an equal amount but you don’t start out on the same base, you’re still going to end up with people being treated differently.”

The White House announced Harris’ tour earlier this month. Harris is scheduled to appear at NAU on Oct. 17. 

Corinne Murdock is a reporter for AZ Free News. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to

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