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The Defeat Of Prop 412 Is An Important Win For Freedom, But The Battle Is Not Over Yet

May 27, 2023

By the Arizona Free Enterprise Club |

Last week, Tucson residents exercised common sense by overwhelmingly rejecting Prop 412 in a special election. And whether you live in the city or not, this is a significant win for our future.

Disguised as a new agreement between the City of Tucson and Tucson Electric Power (TEP) to renew the Franchise Agreement for another 25 years using the current 2.25% fee, the proposal included a number of Green New Deal pet projects. Had it passed, it would have added a 0.75% “Community Resilience Fee” to fund the costs associated with building underground transmission facilities—and “projects that support the City’s implementation of the City’s approved Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.”

That would have meant:

  • Lengthy construction projects removing driving lanes from roads (Road Diets)
  • Permanently inhibiting access to small businesses
  • Reducing personal vehicles by 40% by 2050
  • Establishing Tucson as a 15-minute city with local travel restrictions removing personal choice

Now, the citizens of Tucson have spoken. And it’s clear that they don’t want Green New Deal mandates that take money from their wallet and freedom from their lives.

But make no mistake about it. TEP and its leftist ally Major Regina Romero are committed to their “climate change” agenda…


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