Hobbs Celebrates 100th Day In Office Despite Administration Missteps

April 17, 2023

By Daniel Stefanski |

Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs marked her 100th day in office last week; and while she hasn’t accomplished much in her short tenure so far, she nonetheless celebrated this milestone.

Hobbs wrote an opinion piece for the Arizona Republic to kick off her day, stating that her “administration has hit the ground running to follow through on the promises I made during the campaign.” She championed the 22 bills that she signed into law and her work on the border and budget negotiations.

The governor didn’t just laud her own accomplishments, but pointed fingers at legislators, in large part, due to the “highly politicized confirmation process” for her nominees to lead state agencies. Hobbs argued that this perceived obstruction “has led agencies to slow walk critical initiatives that could save lives or support vulnerable populations for fear that any move, no matter how innocuous, will be interpreted negatively by certain lawmakers.”

Arizona legislators have been extremely frustrated over the Governor’s Office slow walking of nominees to the Senate for confirmation in the early going of her administration as is her legal responsibility. Though the Hobbs’ administration has appeared to have picked up the pace of transmitting her selections to the Legislature, a Senate source did tell AZ Free News that there are still a few outstanding from the Ninth Floor.

Unsurprisingly, the governor did not include any of her administration’s missteps and unfavorable headlines, including her decision to pull the nomination of her first appointee to serve as the Director of the Arizona Department of Child Safety, the lack of transparency over aspects of her Inaugural Fund, or the sudden resignation of her press secretary – among others.

Hobbs also tweeted that “We’ve accomplished so much these last 100 days and laid the groundwork for what’s to come.” She shared two graphics that highlighted what her administration has done “to move Arizona forward.”

On public safety and the border, the governor selected her Executive Order to establish the Independent Prison Oversight Commission and her roundtable discussion with U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on migrant policy. On infrastructure, her speech at Lighting Up the Future, a benefit dinner for broadband expansion and digital equity. On Water and the environment, her establishment of the Office of Resiliency. On education, her Executive Order to create the Educator Retention Task Force. On health, her veto of Representative Matt Gress’s bill to enhance protections for pregnant victims. On housing, her Executive Order to reinstate the Arizona Governor’s Commission on Homelessness and Housing under new title. And on the economy, her International State of the State Address.

Mesa Mayor John Giles cheered on the governor’s first 100 days in office, writing, “In a divided government, Governor Hobbs has been forced to be a great defensive player. I appreciate that she’s also gone on the offensive for our shared priorities. She’s off to a great start, setting the right pace to tackle the issues impacting all Arizonans.”

But many legislative Republicans disagreed with Hobbs’ (and others’) characterizations of her early time in office. House Speaker Pro-Tempore Travis Grantham told AZ Free News that “There’s not much for her to celebrate. It’s clear she wasn’t prepared to govern, and her administration has been a mishandled from the start. But we can celebrate that because of the work by Republicans at the legislature in recent years, the State of Arizona is in a pretty good position. Consider that we now have universal school choice for families, a 2.5 percent flat income tax for everyone, and a balanced budget with billions of dollars in the bank in a rainy-day fund, all because of Republicans. And we are going to protect and defend those things.”

Arizona Senate President Pro Tempore T.J. Shope tweeted out a preview of an interview he participated in outside of the chamber, saying, “Special thanks to @Telemundo for having me on to discuss the lack of promised bipartisanship from @GovernorHobbs over her first 100 Days. From vetoing food/rental tax cuts, standing with murderers on Death Row instead of crime victims, standing with sex offenders instead of parents, to vetoes on bills that had over 2/3s support in both House & Senate to expand access to health care options, the partisan actions haven’t lived up to the bipartisan hype.”

Daniel Stefanski is a reporter for AZ Free News. You can send him news tips using this link.

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