Maricopa County Ranks 13th In U.S. For Most Investment Income Earned By Residents

January 9, 2022

By Terri Jo Neff |

When all of the investment income earned by Maricopa County residents is combined, the county ranks #13 in the United States with an Investment Index of 26.48. By comparison, Pima County ranked 79th in the nation with an Investment Index of 4.93.

That’s the findings of SmartAsset, which used data sourced from the Internal Revenue Service’s Statistics of Income County Data to compare the 3,006 counties in the U.S. on three metrics: Net Capital Gains, Ordinary Dividends, and Qualified Dividends*. The rankings are based on countywide totals without a per capita adjustment.

“We calculated an Investment Index for all U.S. counties based on a combination of these three statistics and ranked them accordingly to provide a holistic view of what areas of the U.S. are generating the most investment income,” SmartAsset announced Friday.

The Top 10 counties by Investment Income are:

New York County (NY), Investment Index of 100.00

Los Angeles County (CA), Investment Index of 80.03

Cook County (IL), Investment Index of 57.25

Palm Beach County (FL), Investment Index of 45.24

Santa Clara County (CA), Investment Index of 44.64

King County (WA), Investment Index of 41.81

Harris County (TX), Investment Index of 34.25

San Francisco County (CA), Investment Index of 31.78

Miami-Dade County (FL), Investment Index of 30.17

Orange County (CA), Investment Index of 30.11

*Ordinary Dividends are payments made by a company to their shareholders and are taxed as regular income, whereas Qualified Dividends are dividends that meet certain requirements set by the IRS and are taxed at a lower capital gains tax rate. Net Capital Gains refers to the amount an asset has increased or decreased in value realized when the asset is sold.

A nationwide map is available at

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