Bill Allowing For Manslaughter Charges Against Adults Who Encourage Suicide Signed

March 18, 2021

By B. Hamilton |

A bill in honor of Adrio Romine, a 17-year-old who tragically took his life after an adult on the internet encouraged and advised him to do so, was signed by Governor Doug Ducey on Tuesday.

Shortly after Adrio’s death, his mother, Paolla Jordan, learned the individual gave her son specific instructions on how to end his life — but no law was broken at the time. Paolla pushed legislation to change that, resulting in the development of HB2459.

The Governor signed the bill in the presence of Paolla Jordan and the bill’s sponsor, Representative Jeff Weninger.

“Our hearts are with Paolla, her family and all Arizonans who have suffered the loss of a loved one to suicide,” said Weninger in a press release. “HB2459 penalizes individuals who encourage minors in a vulnerable state, and it will help protect young Arizonans and their families. I was honored to work on this legislation with Paolla and offer support to those facing difficulties with mental health.”

“I hope that no other parent has to go through what our family experienced,” said Paolla. “There are dangerous people out there that can prey on our children on the internet. Today there is a consequence for a predator’s actions. This law will help protect our children today. I was proud to work with Representative Weninger on getting HB2459 Laloboy Act through the finish line, and I am grateful to everyone working to protect children facing suicidal thoughts.”

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