Zinatt Technologies Helps Investigators Organize And Track Their Cases

January 3, 2023

By Terri Jo Neff |

When four college students were killed in Idaho in November, investigators began the arduous task of collecting physical evidence, witness statements, and digital data related to dozens of people. But organizing and analyzing all that information by traditional methods can be overwhelming, and often ineffective, especially when multiple investigators are involved.

It is a problem that Tucson-based Zinatt Technologies Inc. has a solution for.

Zinatt’s patented Quick Tracking Information System (Qtis) makes life much easier for detectives and investigators by providing agencies big and small with robust data tracking software they can use on a regular basis. Or an agency may choose to utilize Qtis when faced with a complex crime scene involving several victims.

“Most agencies are currently using spreadsheets and tables on Word to keep track of intelligence pertaining to their investigations,” Zinatt co-founder Gabriel Reina says. “But detectives need solutions that enable them to keep on top of investigations. Qtis provides law enforcement agencies with the capability they need to organize and access key data that improves case solvability rates.”

Equally important, Qtis is compliant with Criminal Justice Information Systems standards. And unlike many static desktop systems typically used by law enforcement, Qtis can be utilized by investigators on mobile devices.

This allows access to case information “anywhere, anytime,” according to Reina, along with file-sharing capability.

“Qtis was built around the needs of law enforcement. We understand how difficult it can be to keep things organized,” Reina says. “Upload all your evidence to Qtis. Having all your evidence in one place allows you to find what you are looking for in seconds by performing a case wide search.”

And while Qtis has become best known for its law enforcement investigative management capabilities, Zinatt has adapted its software for use by private investigators, public health researchers, and even political campaigns.

“Qtis for political campaigns can be used to identify potential issues with the integrity and accuracy of the voter roll,” says Reina. “It can also store additional contact information related to each unique voter and even the issues most important to each voter.”

To learn more about Zinatt and Qtis please call 520-838-0346 to arrange an interview with Reina. Or you may make contact via Zinatt’s website here.

Terri Jo Neff is a reporter for AZ Free News. Follow her latest on Twitter, or send her news tips here.

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