Senate Candidate, Congressman Gallego Flips On Illegal Migrant Voting

Senate Candidate, Congressman Gallego Flips On Illegal Migrant Voting

By Staff Reporter |

Democratic Senate candidate and Congressman Ruben Gallego has flipped his stance on voting rights for illegal migrants. 

The congressman recently introduced legislation to clarify the illegality of non-citizen voting in federal elections. Yet last year, Gallego voted against a bill that similarly condemned non-citizen voting.

The legislation Gallego rejected, House Joint Resolution 24, was an opposition to the D.C. City Council’s approval of the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2022. Even without Gallego’s vote, the resolution ultimately passed the House 260-162. 

That D.C. act allowed noncitizens, mainly illegal immigrants, to vote in elections. It became law last February for a time, but the House quickly voted to cancel it. 

Gallego’s newest bill, the Voting Clarity Act, serves as an advisory to illegal immigrants. The brief legislation is a mandate for Customs and Border Protection to inform illegal immigrants of federal law: that only citizens may vote in federal elections.

“The Secretary of Homeland Security shall provide information to each alien applying for asylum under this section on the restrictions on voting and the penalties for voting unlawfully under Federal law, including under section 611 of title 18, United States Code, at the time of such application. Information under this paragraph shall be provided in a form and language that the alien can understand.”

Violation of voting law would incur a fine and/or up to one year in prison. 

In a press release, Gallego said that the privilege of U.S. citizenship, voting, shouldn’t be extended to noncitizens. 

“That is why it is critical that those seeking to enter the U.S. are told clearly and upfront that they cannot vote in our elections if they are not citizens,” said Gallego. “I’m proud to introduce this commonsense bill to combat misinformation about who can, and cannot vote in our federal elections.”

Gallego’s legislation portrays the Senate candidate as tough but fair on the hot topic of the border. Last week, Gallego issued an ad featuring the sheriff who denied the border crisis and rejected Arizona National Guard assistance for his county in doing so, Santa Cruz County Sheriff David Hathaway.

Hathaway has downplayed the severity of the state of the border. 

“We don’t have a migrant crisis on the border. We do not need to militarize our counties and have troops come to the border,” said Hathaway. “We have certain, very vocal sheriffs in this state who are trying to fan the flames on a supposed crisis.” 

Conversely, Gallego has admitted that the state of the border constitutes a crisis.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee issued a statement claiming the Voting Clarity Act was just a way to “pander” to Arizonans. 

“Ruben Gallego has been rubber-stamping the far left’s most radical, open border policies for his entire career in Washington,” said the NRSC. “His election year pandering is a slap in the face to Arizonans who are facing the brunt of the border crisis Gallego helped create.”

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GOP Polling Reveals Kari Lake Leads Ruben Gallego In Tight Race

GOP Polling Reveals Kari Lake Leads Ruben Gallego In Tight Race

By Matthew Holloway |

New internal polling from the National Republican Senate Committee announced by Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake’s campaign shows that Lake now leads Democrat Congressman Ruben Gallego by one-point in the narrow race. The survey further demonstrated that the contentious race for President between former President Donald Trump and Democrat incumbent President Joe Biden is casting a large shadow over the down-ballot races.

An NRSC Memo obtained by The Washington Post regarding the poll stated, “In the multi-party ballot for the presidential race, President Trump leads Joe Biden by a significant margin of +11 (46% to 34%) among likely votes. This trend is crucial as it demonstrates a strong Republican presence in Arizona, which can positively influence down-ballot races like the Senate contest.” The NRSC also endorsed Kari Lake in February as reported by Politico; she also enjoys the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

A press release from Lake’s campaign noted that among undecided voters, Trump holds a 7% lead over Biden which bodes well for Lake.

The NRSC concluded that while the race is still “a pure toss up,” Lake is “well positioned to win.” The memo explained, “The undecided voting block presents a significant opportunity to further define Ruben Gallego and attract more support for Lake. Given the unfavorable views of President Biden among undecided voters, Lake has a pathway to consolidate and expand her base.”

The Lake campaign released a statement along with the announcement saying, “Arizonans overwhelmingly disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance. Soon, Arizonans will learn just how closely Ruben Gallego is tied to Joe Biden and his radical policies – voting with him 100% of the time – and they won’t approve of his record either. Kari Lake is ready to get to the U.S. Senate to help President Trump implement the policies that provided Arizonans, and Americans as a whole, with historic peace and prosperity.”

The Lake campaign notes that the NRSC result aligns with credible pollsters citing “the bipartisan AARP Poll conducted by President Trump and Joe Biden’s pollster.” It would appear to diverge from many mainstream polls which have shown Lake trailing Gallego from 3-6 points since early June, according to RealClear Politics. The AARP poll which showed Gallego ahead by 3 points found in part, “One reason Gallego is ahead is Democrats are more consolidated in their backing of him than Republicans are behind Lake. Additionally, Independents, who favored Trump by 6-points, give Gallego an 8-point edge.”

The NRSC poll by contrast could indicate that Lake is succeeding in consolidating her base.

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Senate Candidate Ruben Gallego Fundraises With Hollywood; 75 Percent Of Donors From Out Of State

Senate Candidate Ruben Gallego Fundraises With Hollywood; 75 Percent Of Donors From Out Of State

By Staff Reporter |

Democratic congressman and Senate candidate Ruben Gallego recently held a fundraiser in California with Hollywood elites, a move punctuating his continued reliance on out-of-state donors to bankroll his campaign. 

Deadline first reported that Gallego had his fundraising event at the home of political strategist Donna Bojarsky, with major guests including Leslie Gilbert-Lurie, author and former TV executive and member of the Cal State University board of trustees; Christy Callahan, former creative executive and TV writer; former Rep. Howard Berman; actress and dancer Stephani Sosa; Flame Ventures’ Tony Krantz; and attorney and former Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel.

According to OpenSecrets, over 75 percent of Gallego’s funds come from outside Arizona: nearly $11.7 million, compared to just over $4.8 million from Arizona. 

A majority of the millions from Arizona came from the Phoenix-Mesa area (over $2 million) and Tucson (over $1 million). 

Aside from Arizona, the other top four individual states to contribute to Gallego’s campaign were: California at $3.5 million, New York at $1.4 million, Massachusetts at $911,000, and Texas at $812,000.

Top out-of-state metro areas were New York ($915,000), Los Angeles-Long Beach ($731,000), and Washington, D.C. ($726,000). 

In March, Gallego attended another Democratic mega-fundraiser out of state, that time in New York City. His presence was marked by George Soros’ son and now-leader of the Democratic dark money empire, Alex, in an Instagram post, where Gallego and Alex stood alongside the famed playwright who played co-host to the fundraiser, Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

“Kicking off campaign season with my co-host [Lin Manuel] for congressman Ruben Gallego’s Senate run in Arizona,” wrote the young Soros. “Ruben has an impressive life story and the stakes of this year’s election couldn’t be higher, they’re existential.”

The Soros family has given over $13,000 to Gallego’s campaign. 

According to the FEC’s latest data through March, Gallego’s top Arizona donors include Nathan Sandler, an investor out of Paradise Valley; Donald Martin, chairman of Competitive Engineering out of Tucson; William Lewis, an investor out of Phoenix; Charlotte Hwang, president of Competitive Engineering out of Tucson; Timothy Riester, chief executive and owner of Riester Advertising out of Phoenix; Francis Najafi, CEO of Pivotal Group out of Phoenix and his wife, Cheryl; Gene Banucci out of Scottsdale; James O’Keefe, a consultant out of Scottsdale; William Cook out of Phoenix; Donalyn Mikles out of Sedona; James Pederson with the Pederson Group out of Phoenix; Jim Mapstead with Accurate Signs & Engraving out of Phoenix; William Humphreys a rancher out of Tucson; Subhash Thathi out of Mesa; Gilbert Lara out of Prescott; Kathleen Counihan, a gallery owner out of Tucson; Nieves Riedel with Riedel Construction Company out of San Luis; Kent Heath, vice president of Bruker out of Scottsdale; Phyllis Banucci out of Scottsdale; Karl Obergh, president/CEO of Ritoch-Powell out of Phoenix; Christina Isner out of Scottsdale; Pamela Powers, a physician out of Prescott; Stephen Golden out of Tucson; Pat Deconcini with 4-D Properties out of Tucson; David Young with Trifecta Clinical out of Tucson; Pamela Werth out of Scottsdale; and Reuben Merideth, a veterinarian out of Tucson.

Among Gallego’s top individual out-of-state donors as of March were Arthur (Art) Lipson, an investor out of Utah, Ronald (Ron) Conway, an investor out of California; Rogelio Sosa, the CEO of OURO out of Texas; David Trone, a Democratic congressman out of Maryland, and his wife, June; Vincent Ryan, multimillionaire chairman of Schooner Capital out of Massachusetts, and his wife, Carla Meyer; Ken Olum, professor of Tufts University out of Massachusetts; Molly Munger, a California attorney; Charles Mostov, a California attorney; Roger McNamee, an investor and retired venture capitalist out of California; Anthony Maceira and Andres Guillemard, Puerto Rican lawyers; Anne Lovett out of New Hampshire; George Krupp, co-founder and CEO of Berkshire Property Advisors out of Massachusetts; Chris Hughes, senior fellow at the Institute on Race, Power And Political Economy in New York; Mitzi Henderson, former president of PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) National; Robert Haselow, a doctor with Minneapolis Radiation Oncology out of Minnesota, and his wife, Justine; Stephen English, a retired attorney out of California; Joseph Cotchett Jr., a California attorney; Sundae and Mark Breen out of Connecticut; Joseph Albright, a retired journalist out of Wyoming and husband to the late Madeleine Albright, the first female Secretary of State; and Oscar Ramirez, government relations personnel with Fulcrum Public Affairs out of Washington, D.C.

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Senate Candidate, Congressman Gallego Flips On Illegal Migrant Voting

Congressman, Senate Candidate Gallego Accused Of Walking Out On Wife, Unborn Child

By Staff Reporter |

Democratic Congressman and Senate candidate Ruben Gallego was characterized as having “walked out” on his wife and unborn child in a new attack ad from GOP forces.

The ad, created by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), said Gallego left his former wife, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, for a “D.C. lobbyist”: his current wife, Sydney Barron, a lobbyist for the National Association of Realtors. 

“If deadbeat dad Ruben Gallego would abandon his own family, he won’t be there for Arizonans when it matters most,” stated the ad. 

A press release accompanying the attack ad pointed out that Gallego continues to champion women’s rights and prioritizing women on issues like abortion and higher pay, yet walked away from the closest woman in his life. 

NRSC spokesman Tate Mitchell emphasized the timing of the Gallegos’ divorce as a disqualifier for Gallego serving in the Senate. 

“Arizona women can’t trust a man who divorced his wife when she was weeks away from having their child,” said Mitchell.

Gallego once believed that divorce wasn’t an option, writing in a 2012 Twitter post that his Catholicism prevented him from ever seeking it. It’s unclear what changed for Gallego in the span of a few short years.

“I am Catholic [and] don’t believe in divorce,” said Gallego. 

Gallego and Barron didn’t begin dating until several years after the divorce. The pair wed in 2021. 

Ruben and Kate were married from 2010, the year Gallego joined Congress, to 2017, when Kate was still part of the city council. The pair divorced shortly before the birth of their son, Michael. 

Kate became mayor of Phoenix in 2018, after then-Mayor Greg Stanton announced his run for Congress. 

According to Gallego, he met Barron in 2018. Gallego and his second wife welcomed their first child, a daughter named Isla, into the world last July. 

The Phoenix mayor doesn’t publicly appear to hold hard feelings against her ex-husband. She endorsed him last December.

“I’m proud to endorse Ruben because I know first-hand his commitment to building a brighter future for Arizona,” said the mayor. “We have real challenges facing our state that require a leader who is dedicated to fighting for working families and the most vulnerable. He’ll do an excellent job working for all of us as our next senator.” 

However, Gallego has excluded the mayor’s endorsement from his official endorsement page. The only Phoenix official he’s featured under his lengthy list of Arizona official endorsements is former vice mayor Yassamin Ansari, who is now running for Congress. 

The GOP attack line on Gallego’s love life and fatherhood record wasn’t a new concept rolled out recently. The NRSC released a similar ad last November with the characterization of Gallego as a “deadbeat dad.” 

Gallego has posted about his son from his personal, now campaign account nearly every single month last year, with a sporadic array of posts in the years prior. 

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GOP Polling Reveals Kari Lake Leads Ruben Gallego In Tight Race

Kari Lake And Common Sense

By Seth Leibsohn |

Editor’s Note: This column was co-authored by Dean Riesen and Steve Twist.

As we are now in high political season, we propose a thought experiment before too many decisions are frozen in amber too early on. For Republicans and Independents, and even Democrats whose fond memories of the party run back to the ideals of the 1960s: How extreme is it to support a strengthened and secured U.S. border to keep dangerous people and products from flowing into the country? 

A few more questions to satisfy the experiment: How ideal would it be for the United States to be energy independent? Who among any of us does not want to see our homeless population housed, free of addiction, and treated of their mental health issues? Who among us does not think that for the $900 billion Americans spend on elementary and secondary education, our scores and achievement levels should be much higher? Who here thinks the drug poisoning problem—at historically record highs—cannot be addressed and reversed? Who among us thinks our deficits and government spending priorities are keeping us on the track of economic prosperity and financial health? 

Nearly any candidate that shares the obvious answers to the foregoing questions would be the kind of candidate nearly every Republican, Independent, and commonsense Democrat would take seriously and support. Especially against someone who answers each of those questions wrongly.  

Now make the candidate who got the answers right a possible United States Senator in a nearly evenly divided United States Senate where the right answers to those questions have been frustrated and opposed by the modern Democratic Party.

The candidate who gets the answers to the commonsense questions above right is Kari Lake. While we did not support her in the primary in 2022, we have zero problem supporting her for the Senate seat she is running for today, here, in Arizona. 

For those who disagree with some of her previous quips and misstatements, we urge thinking about any candidate who never uttered misstatements or mistaken views here and there. That candidate does not exist.  

But, what you will find in Kari Lake is someone running hard against a representative and supporter of the values of today’s Democratic Party.

And that party has a Governor in Arizona that has called Republicans neo-Nazis. It is a party that turns a blind eye and deaf ear toward rioting and elevated to Vice President someone who encouraged such rioting and helped bail out the rioters. It is a party that nominates and defends Justices to the Supreme Court who will not answer the question “What is a woman?” It is a party that supports efforts to encourage children to physically change their biological sex and supports concealing those efforts from their parents.

Today’s Democratic Party is a party that believes 1776 was not our founding date and a party that believes people should be judged for the most sublime positions, privileges, and immunities based on their most crude characteristics, like their race, rather than their most refined and human characteristics, like their brains and their morality.

It is a party that supports the legalization of dangerous drugs and a party that thinks it just fine to teach 5-year-olds age-inappropriate lessons and behaviors. It is a party that believes it OK for men to compete in women’s sports and for men to enter and use women’s bathrooms and showers and locker rooms at every age. 

Today’s Democratic Party is a party that shoveled hundreds of billions of dollars to the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world while it thinks we should create another official carbon copy of Iran or Syria in the Middle East, while, at the same time, stripping the rights and power of the United States’ greatest ally in the Middle East. 

Today’s Democratic Party is a party that wants to secure other nations’ borders with weapons and taxpayer dollars but does not want to protect its own border. It is a party that wants to strip First and Second Amendment rights from law-abiding Americans but wants to elevate the rights of violent criminals above those of their victims.

Finally, as we view possible scenarios that could include a Democrat in the White House, a small Democrat majority in the House of Representatives, and a Senator Ruben Gallego as part of a one-seat majority in the Senate, the following could be enacted within six months: 1) Elimination of the filibuster, 2) Appointment to the Supreme Court of four left-wing Justices, 3) Admission of Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. as states, giving the Democrats a lock on the U.S. Senate with four additional Democrat senators, and, 4) An open U. S. border with unlimited immigration, and citizenship for the millions of illegal immigrants already in the U.S.  This platform is what is “extreme,” by any definition.

We can rest on our own self-important codes of personal distaste for a candidate that stands athwart all this and abstain supporting her, or we can get over statements made in the past that, to borrow from Thomas Jefferson, “neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg,” and get serious about defeating a much greater threat than one to our own moral superiorities; the greatest of threats to the greatest of nations. Ours. If one cares about something greater than their own self-interest, and if that “something” is this country, we ask you to support Kari Lake, as we are.  Her opponent, after all, answers wrongly all the questions we raise above and supports the nightmare agenda we raise here. A vote against Kari Lake, just as a decision not to vote for or support her, is a vote for all that. Those who take their Republican Party, and this country, seriously, cannot allow that to happen.

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Seth Leibsohn is a radio host and author, Dean Riesen is the Chairman of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, Steve Twist is a lawyer in Scottsdale.