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Arizona Senate Republican Caucus Highlights Six Issues In Latest Update

July 12, 2023

By Daniel Stefanski |

As Arizona’s hot summer drags on, the state’s Senate Republican Caucus continues to work for their constituents, making positive strides to break through a divided government.

On Monday, the Arizona Senate Republican Caucus shared a legislative update “in an effort to provide continued transparency to the media and the public on outstanding issues remaining for the Fifty-sixth Legislature – First Regular Session.” The update highlighted six issues, giving important information on things that have happened behind the scenes.

The first issue was a meeting between Governor Katie Hobbs and Senate President Warren Petersen. The Caucus wrote, “Following President Petersen’s meeting request, he met with Governor Hobbs on Friday and the meeting went well. While there must be consequences for overreaching executive action, we are optimistic on finding a way to move forward in a bipartisan manner that benefits all of Arizona.”

Petersen had transmitted a letter to the Governor’s Office with the meeting request before the July 4th holiday break, following Hobbs’ controversial abortion executive order and a response from some Senate Republicans involving the future of her outstanding nominees for agency positions.

The second issue was about Prop 400, noting that “negotiations are continuing between the Senate, House and Governor’s Office with the common objective to pass a Prop 400 extension before sine die.” This revelation comes after Hobbs vetoed a legislative proposal from Legislative Republicans.

The third issue was water, which has been a huge topic of discussion between Republican and Democrat leaders around Arizona throughout this year. The Senate Republican Caucus noted that “Republican legislators are encouraged by the prospective of a state-driven solution to the current conditions on the Colorado River. To provide the requisite legislative authorization pursuant to A.R.S. § 45-106, Senate and House Leadership sent a letter to the Department of Water Resources on July 6th requesting details needed to act in a timely and efficient manner on the Lower Basin Plan.”

The fourth issue was nominations, and the Senate Republicans shared that their chamber “intends to confirm qualified director nominees.” No timetable was given for this intent, which is significant because of Senator Jake Hoffman’s stand-off with Hobbs over her nominees and the constitutionality of her abortion executive order.

The fifth issue was the Joint Legislative Ad Hoc Study Committee on Water Security, which “will convene on Thursday, July 13 to hear testimony on the Phoenix Active Management Area Model and municipal water resource management.”

The sixth issue was the Joint Legislative Ad Hoc Study Committee on Air Quality and Energy, which “will convene on Thursday, July 13 to receive testimony on our state’s air quality implementation plan and the business impacts of air quality nonattainment.”

Daniel Stefanski is a reporter for AZ Free News. You can send him news tips using this link.

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