Hobbs Celebrates Breaking Veto Record After Killing Bipartisan Bill

April 20, 2023

By Corinne Murdock |

As the community mourned, Gov. Katie Hobbs celebrated killing a bill legalizing more homemade food sales with an email campaign applauding herself for issuing the most vetoes in state history. The bill would have the greatest impact on small business owners in the “cottage food” industry, such as street vendors.

State Rep. Alma Hernandez (D-LD20) voiced her frustration with Hobbs’ lack of support for the bill, HB2509, on Twitter. Hernandez, who trained at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said that Hobbs’ rationale for the veto flew in the face of public health professionals’ opinion. 

“People are NOT dying from street food poisoning. This is personal. Not only do many Hispanics depend on this to make a living but many fear being reported and fined,” said Hernandez. “When my father was injured and could not work, my mother made cakes from home to ensure we could put gas and food on our table. This does nothing in the name of ‘health & safety.’ It goes against my community.”

State Rep. Consuelo Hernandez (D-LD21) added that the veto denied recognition of the popular practice of Latino communities relying on tamale sales for income. Hernandez called Hobbs’ celebratory email “cruel.”

In Hobbs’ letter explaining her veto, the governor claimed that the bill would increase risk of food-borne illness, as well as limit quality control preventing food contamination from hazardous chemicals, or rodent or insect infestation.

Sen. President Warren Petersen (R-LD14) arranged for a veto override next Tuesday. 

“We will put it up for a vote. #freethetamales,” wrote Petersen.

House Speaker Ben Toma (R-LD27) assured that an override motion was prepared for next week.

The bill would be the legislature’s first override vote of the session.

Hobbs vetoed a total of 11 bills on Tuesday, raising the record to 63 — five more than the record set by former Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano. 

The other bills Hobbs vetoed were SB1091, SB1101, SB1262, SB1455, SB1565, HB2379, HB2394, HB2474, and HB2691.

Critics shared images of the celebratory email Hobbs’ team issued following this latest round of vetoes. 

Former senior policy advisor to former Gov. Doug Ducey, Christina Corieri, noted that she was one such small business owner-hopeful impacted by Hobbs’ veto. 

After issuing the vetoes, Hobbs told her critics that she was delivering “sanity, not chaos” to the people. 

“I will gladly work with anybody who will be a partner in addressing the real problems Arizonans face, but I refuse to play political games with our state government,” tweeted Hobbs. “I’m proud of the bipartisan accomplishments we have achieved and encourage leaders in our legislature to continue to come together and pass real solutions that will grow jobs, build roads and bridges, invest in education, and deal with our water crisis.”

Corinne Murdock is a reporter for AZ Free News. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to corinne@azfreenews.com.

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