Arizona Gained Over 93K Residents in a Year

December 28, 2021

By Corinne Murdock |

Arizona gained over 93,000 new residents from July 2020 to July 2021, making it the fourth-largest percentage of population growth during that time period, after Idaho, Utah, and Montana. These estimates come from the latest data published by the Census Bureau.

A majority of the states which former President Donald Trump won in the 2020 election gained new residents by the tens of thousands, with the exception of hundreds of thousands who flocked to Florida, nearly 220,900, and Texas, over 170,300. Although President Joe Biden won Arizona, the state has voted for Republican presidential candidates and been under Republican leadership for decades.

The following are states that Biden won that lost population: California, nearly 367,300; Hawaii, over 12,600; Illinois, over 122,400; Maryland, nearly 19,900; Massachusetts, nearly 46,200; Michigan, nearly 7,900; Minnesota, over 13,400; New Jersey, over 27,700; New Mexico, nearly 2,200; New York, nearly 352,200; Pennsylvania, nearly 3,200; and Washington, nearly 30. District of Columbia.

The following are states that Biden won that gained population: Colorado, over 13,000; Connecticut, over 5,100; Delaware, over 12,200; Georgia, over 50,600; Maine, nearly 15,500; Nevada, over 25,300; New Hampshire, over 13,600; Oregon, nearly 8,100; Rhode Island, nearly 900; Vermont, nearly 4,600; Virginia, nearly 9,000; and Wisconsin, over 3,300. 

Trump won the following states that lost population: Alaska, nearly 4,000; Kansas, over 5,200; Louisiana, over 30,300; Mississippi, over 4,200; North Dakota, over 6,400; Nebraska, over 3,300; Ohio, over 3,100; 

Trump won the following states that gained population: Alabama, over 22,100; Arkansas, over 16,000; Florida, nearly 220,900; Idaho, nearly 48,900; Indiana, nearly 14,300; Iowa, over 800; Kentucky, over 10,000; Missouri, nearly 14,900; Montana, over 19,200; North Carolina, nearly 88,700; Oklahoma, nearly 24,700; South Carolina, over 64,800; South Dakota, over 5,500; Tennessee, nearly 61,400; Texas, over 170,300; Utah, 32,200; West Virginia, over 2,300; and Wyoming, over 1,200. 

Despite those gains, Arizona won’t earn a tenth congressional district. Arizona officials estimated the population at 7.4 million, but total counts at the time of the 2020 census came out over 7.1 million with an estimated 99.9 percent of households covered.

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