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The Left’s Lawfare Subpoenas Against The Free Enterprise Club And Other Conservative Orgs Are A Direct Attack On Our First Amendment Rights

September 2, 2023

By the Arizona Free Enterprise Club |

The federal government and state governments across the country should be doing everything they can to ensure election integrity going forward. Over the past few years, the Arizona legislature has taken this to heart. But the Left has been fighting against every legitimate election reform that comes from conservatives. Not only are they filing lawsuits in court, but they’ve been deploying a new tactic that threatens the First Amendment.

Lawsuits Against Election Integrity Bills

In 2021, the Arizona legislature passed, and then-Governor Ducey signed into law SB 1485—a law designed to clean up Arizona’s early voter list. Then in 2022, state lawmakers followed that up with HB 2243 (to ensure regular voter list maintenance) and HB 2492 (to ensure that only U.S. citizens are voting in our elections).

These are commonsense laws that everyone should be able to get behind, but the Left gave up commonsense years ago…


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