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Biden Administration Sells Off Border Wall Parts Secretively, Preventing Its Completion

August 23, 2023

By Corinne Murdock |  

The Biden administration has been secretively selling the parts necessary to complete the border wall, with most of the materials originating around Red Rock, Arizona.

As reported first by Power Corridor (part of The Daily Upside), the Pentagon told the auction site GovPlanet to “aggressively market” about 12,000 border wall items without disclosing their origins with former President Donald Trump and their original purpose: to complete the southern border wall. 

Instead, the Pentagon instructed the auctioneer to obscure their activity from the public by using vague language when describing the border wall materials: “steel tubing and sticks for industrial construction.” GovPlanet later deleted an Instagram reel advertising the border wall materials after social media users recognized the listing for what it was, though the auction site listing remains.   

Power Corridor also reported that the Pentagon has never passed an audit, most recently unable to account for 61 percent, or $2.135 billion, of its $3.5 trillion in assets.  

The administration auctioned off 81 lots of steel border wall bollard panels for $2 million. These sales date back to April. This week, the government received $154,200 for 729 bollard panels. Another 13 will be auctioned off on Wednesday and Friday. The Pentagon takes the profits. 

The administration continues to sell off the critical border security components despite Congress’ apparent desire to complete the border wall.   

Last month, the Democrat-led Senate approved the Republican-led “Finish It Act” as part of its annual defense appropriations package. The Finish It Act was introduced independently in May by Republican Sens. Roger Wicker (MS), Ted Cruz (TX), and Joni Ernst (IA) before being folded into defense appropriations. The act would require the Department of Defense (DOD) to either use the unused border security materials to complete the border wall itself, or give the materials to the states so that they may finish the wall.   

According to GovPlanet data, the auction of the border wall materials picked up twice: first following the introduction of the Finish It Act, and second following the passage of the defense appropriations act. 

It appears that the Biden administration is attempting to get ahead of the anticipated House approval of the Senate’s defense appropriations package. While the president was criticizing Republicans publicly for cutting back on spending and, effectively, reducing the number of Border Patrol agents, his administration was busy getting rid of the infrastructure necessary for agents to ensure border security. 

Wicker introduced the Finish It Act approximately two months after asking the Biden administration to transfer the unused border wall materials to the southern states, citing the expense of $330 million to store and maintain the unused panels. The DOD gave over 1,700 unused bollard panels to Texas last February.  

The current rate of illegal immigrant crossings along the southwest border is on pace to overshadow the total for the 2022 fiscal year of 2.4 million. This time last year, there were over 1.94 million encounters. As of July, there were over 1.97 million encounters.   

Since Biden took office, there have been over 5.8 million illegal immigrant encounters at the southern border.

Corinne Murdock is a reporter for AZ Free News. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to

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