Arizona Schools Teach Students It’s Ok To Violate the Law

August 12, 2021

By the Free Enterprise Club |

Rules for thee, but not for me. Apparently, that’s the lesson a growing number of Arizona public schools want to teach students in the coming year. (Perhaps they’re looking to replace science, since it appears they’re not interested in following that anymore.)

At the end of June, Governor Ducey signed HB2898, which included a provision prohibiting a city, town, county, school board, or charter school governing body from requiring students or teachers to wear masks.

That should be simple enough to follow. But it sent teachers’ unions and the establishment media into a tailspin. After all, the left LOVES mask mandates for kids, even though they may cause psychological harm and no study can back them up.

So, instead of teaching students a proper civics lesson about what it means to follow the law, various K-12 school districts have chosen to violate it…

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