Maricopa County To Give $5 Million For Refugee Welfare

Maricopa County To Give $5 Million For Refugee Welfare

By Corinne Murdock |

Maricopa County began to give $5 million to serve refugees, starting May 1. 

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (BOS) approved the $5 million appropriated from American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to go to nonprofits serving refugees.

The nonprofits serve as part of the Maricopa County Relocation Assistance Program, a welfare program to bolster refugee and refugee family economic and social self-sufficiency.

In a press release, Supervisor Steve Gallardo said that the county was fortunate enough to subsidize this welfare program for refugees.

“Maricopa County is fortunate to have many nonprofits that help refugees from other countries find housing, medical care, and cross language barriers so they can integrate and become an asset,” state Gallardo.

The greatest bulk of the funding went to Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) with nearly $1.88 million to serve 40 families. That metes out to nearly $47,000 per family. Their program provides the widest array of services: outreach, intake, transitional housing, legal services, and stabilization support.

As AZ Free News has reported previously, CPLC’s subsidiary is facing federal investigation for pandemic loan fraud. CPLC’s President and CEO, David Adame, served on Gov. Katie Hobbs’ transition team. 

It’s interesting that Gallardo decided to speak on this latest round of refugee welfare, since he also served on Hobbs’ transition team with Adame and, later, was Hobbs’ pick for Democratic Party Chair.

Of note, the federal webpage outlining the investigation into CPLC’s subsidiary, Prestamos, for pandemic loan fraud disappeared in late February. Archives of the report were available through February 24, but disappeared by February 27. 

Also earlier this year, several CPLC leaders were identified as part of the liberal think tank that helped provide the cover-up for Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Area Agency on Aging will receive over $125,400 to assist 100 elder refugees with pre-literacy and citizenship classes, as well as financial assistance for citizen application fees. 

Friendly House received nearly $345,000 to provide adult education, emergency report, and immigration services to 150 refugees.

The International Rescue Committee received over $1.6 million. Of that funding, over $675,500 will provide case management services to 100 refugees, as well as training those community providers in “culturally appropriate techniques” to provide “culturally appropriate services” to crime victims. The remainder, over $957,400, will give legal services for refugees.

Lutheran Social Services will receive $600,000 to provide case management, medical services, and other support to “the most vulnerable refugees.” The press release named families, single parents, and women under this category.

Finally, the Somali American United Council of America will receive $312,000 to give refugees job placement services and “women’s empowerment.” The funding will also support nutrition, health, citizenship, digital literacy, and cultural adaptation classes.

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